HITLAG Guest Blog: My Truths: Cooperation and Rebellion

By Jen Horonjeff

This past week I squirreled away in an Airbnb to read, write, reflect and recharge. Some of those intentions were met more than others (and thank you to those who respected my out of office reply).

I haven’t taken a vacation since 2015 and I have never truly disconnected. The reality of a startup is there is always something else to do. Yet as a patient living with multiple chronic illnesses, I know that the body and mind need rest (although in practice I am testing those limitations, too).

While I didn’t turn off, I did try to give myself permission to wander. I read books, wrote blogs, listened to music, cooked, did yoga and Pilates, and danced carefree, yet technical (I do have a degree in dance, after all), around the kitchen. I had some pressing “real” work to do, and responded to my team when they needed me.

As I reflect back on the week–and well, my life–it’s been one of both cooperation and rebellion. I ate kale salads and ice cream every day. I found myself listening to Joan Baez and Rage Against the Machine. I read the Harvard Business Review, but also books on alternatives to capitalism, transcendentalism, tech inequality, and disobedience (ok, I also read a book of cat poems too).

I found myself writing pieces that are (I believe/hope) provocative takes on the current state of healthcare, tech, and startups, but through which I genuinely want to be able to reach people so that we can work together to find positive and mutually beneficial solutions.

I reflected on our work at Savvy Cooperative, where we exceeded our goals and milestones last year. I am both thrilled for the year ahead, but also nervous for the new set of challenges we face.

So while I wanted to disconnect and find myself, perhaps what I found is that there is always a balance between the dream and the reality. And how we handle that tension is what defines how we move in space and time, in business and leisure.

I don’t know what 2020 holds, let alone the 2020s. But I’m glad to know it’s ok, and perhaps beneficial, to hold multiple truths at the same time. Or at least that’s what I am telling myself.

Here’s to a decade of cooperation and rebellion to drive the changes that are paramount to creating the world of our dreams. I leave you with my favorite cat poem.


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