Reflections from the ONC Annual Meeting

By Robin Roberts

Location: Washington D.C.

A Convergence of Inspiration and Innovation

Last month's ONC Annual Meeting in the heart of Washington D.C. was a remarkable event for the HIT Like a Girl Pod community, showcasing the growing impact of women in healthcare technology. A unique convergence of networking, learning, and collaboration, it brought together women leaders from across the healthcare spectrum.

Key Highlights:

Setting the Stage: Pre-Meeting Engagement on Slack The seeds of success for this event were sown much earlier, thanks to Cheryl Mason's dynamic coordination on our HIT Like a Girl Slack platform. Her efforts were instrumental in building anticipation and laying the groundwork for what was to become an event filled with meaningful exchanges.

A Gathering of Minds: With just 24 hours' notice through the ONC app, we spontaneously organized a coffee meetup. The turnout was astounding – 30 motivated women from different healthcare sectors joined us. This meetup wasn't just a gathering; it was a spontaneous success story, demonstrating the strong commitment and connectivity within our community.

In the Presence of Pioneers: Notable Attendees The meeting's vibrancy was further enhanced by the presence of influential figures like Susan Clark from DirectTrust and Didi Davis from the Sequoia Project. Their insights added remarkable depth to our discussions, making every conversation a treasure trove of knowledge.

On the Forefront of Change: HTI-1 Rule Excitement A key topic of discussion was the ONC's groundbreaking HTI-1 final rule. This pivotal regulation promises to reshape the landscape of healthcare IT, focusing on seamless electronic health information sharing and introducing new exceptions to information blocking. Its implications for health IT developers and the broader healthcare community are profound and far-reaching.

Narratives That Empower: Sharing of Stories One of the most moving aspects of the meeting was the sharing of personal stories by participants like Cheryl Mason. These narratives were not just inspirational but also educational, offering us all a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges faced within the healthcare sector.

Welcoming New Voices: Community Expansion Our community's strength lies in its diversity, as evidenced by the addition of new members like Dina Mikdadi, a biomedical data scientist from NIH, and Gail Hamilton from Verato. Their fresh perspectives are not just refreshing but crucial for our community's continuous growth and evolution.

A Spotlight on Innovation: Insightful Sessions Among the many enlightening sessions, Dr. Mandy Cohen's discussion on the CDC's initiative to enhance state and public health interoperability was a standout. His announcement of a $90M investment marks a significant step forward in healthcare connectivity.

Looking Ahead: The Future of HIT Like a Girl Pod The ONC Annual Meeting was more than just a gathering; it was a beacon of the incredible strides women are making in healthcare technology. The spirit of collaboration kindled by leaders like Susan Clark is the cornerstone of our community's strength. As we look to the future, we are filled with excitement about the innovative paths we are forging in healthcare technology.

Stay tuned for more updates on other ambassador events and initiatives as we continue to break new ground and empower women in healthcare technology.

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