Midlife Matters: Navigating Perimenopause and Beyond

Midlife Matters: Navigating Perimenopause and Beyond

In this episode Joy welcomes Joanna Strober, the founder of MidiHealth, a midlife care provider for women aged 35 to 65. Joanna shares her personal journey with perimenopause, emphasizing the importance of understanding the symptoms and effects of estrogen decline during this phase of a woman's life. She discusses the challenges of finding knowledgeable providers in menopausal care and highlights MidiHealth's innovative approach, including specialized training programs for their providers and the development of expert care protocols.

Episode Highlights

[00:10:20] Importance of Provider's Knowledge on Hormones and Treatment Options

[00:10:59] Accessibility of Care through Insurance Coverage

[00:11:18] Growth Trajectory and Expansion Plans of MidiHealth

[00:19:46] Excitement for MidiHealth's Growth and Future Plans

[00:20:05] Accessing Care through www.joinmidi.com

[00:20:55] Benefits of Virtual Care for Sensitive Health Topics

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