Techquity Series: Tackling Breast Cancer Disparities with Digital Health

Techquity Series: Tackling Breast Cancer Disparities with Digital Health

In the inaugural episode of the Hit Like a Girl podcast's Techquity series, host Joy Rios welcomes Janna Guinen, Executive Director of the the HLTH Foundation, who is spearheading efforts to advocate for equitable digital health solutions.

The series aims to uncover the essence of Techquity, its significance, and upcoming highlights. Janna outlines the Tech Equity for Health Coalition's mission and recent endeavors, including a case study competition spotlighting innovative projects promoting health equity through digital means.

Each episode features a winning project, the first features Andrea Werner, Chief Population Health Officer for Emplify Health by Bellin and Gundersen Health System, who interviews guest Anna Kravitz from AdirA to discuss "Nia," a digital guide addressing high breast cancer mortality rates among young black women.

Join the conversation as they delve into the intersection of technology and targeted health interventions, making a profound impact on underserved communities.

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Episode Highlights

[00:00:45] - Techquity Coalition's Focus on Health Disparities

[00:05:24] - Role of Technology in Addressing Health Disparities

[00:09:07]-  Nia Solution for Empowering Women to Advocate for Their Health

[00:12:03] - Addressing Breast Cancer in Young Black Women

[00:21:09] - Providing Agency and Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness

[00:25:58] - Importance of Micro Moments in Health

[00:41:36] - Impact of Language Options on Engagement Rates