Techquity Series: Transforming Communities Through Data-Driven Efforts

Techquity Series: Transforming Communities Through Data-Driven Efforts

In the final episode of the Techquity Series, Luis Belen and Tracy Wang delve into the realm of health equity and technology, showcasing the transformative power of data-driven initiatives.

Tracy Wang, Director of Digital Solutions at Elevance Health, shares insights into a groundbreaking project aimed at addressing health disparities through innovative data visualization and analytics. The conversation highlights the crucial role of community engagement and the strategic use of data to drive impactful interventions.

Luis and Tracy explore the challenges of building trust in underserved communities and the importance of aligning priorities with community needs to maximize the impact of health equity efforts.

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Episode Highlights

00:07:29 - Introduction by Luis Belen and Tracy Wang

00:08:22 - Recognition of Tracy Wang's Initiatives

00:08:55 - Description of the Project's Objectives

00:13:46 - Importance of Data Visualization and Engagement

00:26:52 - Discussion on Trust in Underserved Communities

00:27:53 - Engagement Strategies and ROI in Health Equity Efforts

00:40:09 - Value of Centralized Data for Addressing Disparities